One comment on “Reading the Entrails: What the Mearls Reddit Says About Next (Part 4)

  1. Firstly: I like the new look of your site.

    Just a couple thoughts on your continually excellent analysis…

    – In terms of random HP they’ve said repeatedly that a set HP system will be right there in the rules. An extra line in each class description and everyone is happy.
    – There could be feats that add bonuses to skills (or grant advantage). I agree that decoupling them from ability scores seems like a bad idea, but I like the thought that a +1 to a skill modifier because your wisdom went up looks like it’s going to be a big deal.
    – In terms of progression and getting interesting things all the time, how does the wizard feel when he gets 1 extra spell slot and the fighter gets to take 2 standard actions twice a day? I think that different classes should get cool stuff at different times, as long as leveling up always gives you something and everyone has levels where the whole table wants to be them. Is there another solution to the hum-drum feeling of universal character advancement?
    – In terms of GM’s handing out magic items, I think most players won’t mind if someone else gets a cool item before they do…as long as their item is just as cool when they get it. It’s like the advancement thing…everyone should have moments where the whole table wants to be them.

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