5 comments on “Sunset on 4e

  1. Bummer. I liked 4E, though I seemed to be part of a clear minority, at least when I tally up who likes it from everyone I’ve spoken with about it since it’s release.
    Guess this happens to every edition eventually. Just happened faster to this one.

  2. I to loved 4e, as it seemed to represent a clearer more simplistic track for the DM to prep. But Iv’e become increasingly disillusioned with magic that seems mundane and combat that takes too long. I still remember the first time my players wanted to cross a swollen river and attempted to use their melee powers to fell a tree to get across. At that point I suddenly realised for all 4e positives, of which there are many, it was too limited in scope to melee and encounters.

    However I did think today, if the power curve of DnDnext is reduced, one way to reprepsent power characters that are balanced at epic levels is to use the AEDU power system, as this seems a way to use the best of one aspect of 4e in an area that makes the characters seem more like the demi heroes such levels calls for. I’m copyrighting that idea by the way, so don’t nick it ;-).

    • I think that, when magic became uninspired, it’s because 4e did too good a job and we got lazy. We got lazy about a lot of things, actually.

      • You may be right, but I wouldn’t say I am a natural DM, lazy or easy made being a DM doable for me and meant I had a group who could play. Now I’ve been DMing for getting on 14 months I’m open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. It has to be said as well that I think for D&D to progress to new generations, modularity, optional complexity and work, are things some people love and others don’t or don’t have the mental energy or time for. So hopefully the one game to unite them all will not dumb down for harassed DM’s and not do away with the best innovations for DM’s with more time.

        With the playtest later, we’ll get a better idea soon.

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