5 comments on “What’s Next: Fighter Design Goals

  1. I like your “Here’s my version” stuff. Your ideas pretty much match mine. The contrast between yours and Mearls’ idea also makes me realize that Mearls doesn’t get D&D sufficiently to be in the position he’s in. I’ve been playing for 30+ years, and I can see that he’s got some skewed viewpoints that don’t match mine, or really any other old school player I know. Maybe that’s my locality, or some other factor, but what your posting is the game I want. And so far, I’m getting it from 4e.

    • To be fair, I think Mearls is a smart guy. I certainly have FAR more respect for him than I ever had for Monte. I think that the Next design is being driven by a genuine difference of opinion in what the D&D community wants (as clearly evidenced by the “most groups don’t have a problem with Linear Fighter, Quadratic Wizard” comment) and the need to satisfy the suits at Hasbro.

      People keep forgetting that 4e was released at the forward bow of a very deep economic depression. It’s hardly surprising that sales numbers were soft, given that no one was spending money at the time. Mearls and the other people at Wizards seem convinced that the economy and problems with the rollout, especially with the DDI, aren’t the problem; 4e is the problem. I think that Next is going to be in serious trouble unless they find something that is a clear improvement over 3.5/Pathfinder AND 4e.

      • I agree that Mearls seems to be a smart guy, but we all have our talents. Presentation doesn’t seem to be one of them for him. I also think he has a personal agenda (like we all do), and that filter is negatively impacting the brand.

  2. I like your point 1 because I have felt that warlord was a weird hybrid between cleric and fighter that stepped too much into the tactics that a fighter should know and have. I want to see warlord go away and fighter/warrior replace that aspect. We play at a table where a warrior leads us. He isn’t the smartest or the wisest, but he is the loudest and he knows enough about what fights to pick and how to not die to keep us on a steady course.

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