2 comments on “Tales from the Table: The God of Many Faces

  1. This was an amazing fight. It was a BSBTM that did not become a mindless “target the big thing” fight. We always had to pay attention to the situation, and make adjustments. Sometimes it was a dive in moment, and sometimes we had to back off. My favorites were the turtle and the treant.

    • Thank you for the compliment. The treant was actually the hardest of the four to design, as I started with him as the brute and didn’t have any good ideas. Everything that I wanted to do with him felt clumsy and wrong. Then Witchknight suggested that I change him to a controller and base him off Maokai from League of Legends, which is kind of an interesting callback, given that two-thirds of the people at that table also play LoL.

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