One comment on “Abnegation Station, Redux

  1. First off I want to congratulate you on your first podcast I enjoyed it and look forward to future ones. Now then I have one big problem with the design philosophy that they are stating, I am one of those new generation of gamers that enjoys solid mechanics. I don’t have a problem with fast and easy rules light games, I know how to play and enjoy both Paranoia and Fung Shui, but they are games that I maybe set up once a year or so when we need a break from other games. More to the point I don’t think I could do a game like this every week either by running it or playing in it. My big concern is that WoTC has said that will release modules that will add rules to the game so you can play the game you want, but I’m not going to buy a game that doesn’t do what I want it to fresh out of the box. D&D had always been a mechanics heavy game for me I started playing AD&D second edition and spent most of my time in Dark Sun and Planescape, two of the most rules complex settings they had short of Spell Jammer. So quick, easy, and rules light is not D&D for me and likely never will be.

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