4 comments on “Fresh Meat: Something Wicked

  1. That thing is terrifying. Couple of things: due to the interaction between Outside Time and Reality fracture, I’d suggest making Outside Time key specifically to being stunned. Why? Because assuming Reality Fracture still works while the creature is dazed, then the only real penalty for the creature being dazed is not being able to move (and granting combat advantage), and since it doesn’t provoke, positioning doesn’t matter all that much. So granting it an action point for removing dazed from it seems unfair.
    Next, does Warp Space do 4d10 +10 force damage?
    I really like Infest, it seems awesome.
    Dissolve Reality seems cool, but I don’t like the idea of being able to fix it with a minor action skill check; I’d increase the damage by a die and the vulnerability by five and make it “last until the target is healed for at least fifteen points.”
    Can Withering kill a PC with positive hit points? Ew. I like it.
    Leeching and the Collapsar attack are missing the “Sight (one enemy within burst)” lines. At least, I HOPE Leeching is.
    Oh, and I’d make Collapsar not a choice of Reality Fracture. It seems that it’d be dangerous to have a collapsar go off nearly every other turn even if the creature never chose to use it. Oh, and a cool idea for Collapsar: Center it on the creature, and when it goes off teleport the creature between 3 and 6 squares.
    This thing is awesome. I’m looking forward to fighting this kind of crazy stuff in the Thursday game.

    • [1] The interaction between Outside Time and Reality Fracture is deliberate, though I should have done a much better job of explaining it. I tend to create monsters with easy to use levers and I left the action required for Reality Fracture vague as one of these levers. If stunning/dazing/dominating turns off Reality Fracture, then gaining an action point is absolutely valid. If it doesn’t, then the GM can adjust Outside Time appropriately.

      [2] 4d10+0 is correct and is there because the +0 is required in the old monster builder, which is what I use.

      [3] Using a skill check requires you to be adjacent to the target, which causes positioning/movement issues. Also, this is for a party of six moderately-to-hard optimized level 22 characters. 27 is the moderate difficulty for that level.

      [4] Yes, Withering can kill a character with positive hit points.

      [5] Yes, Leeching should have a range of “sight”.

      [6] Collapsar has a range of 10 and is not included in Reality Fracture, which I should have also made more clear.

  2. Oh, I thought that Reality Fracture happened on everyone’s turn, making it so that only stunned would stop it. And silly monster builder. Did they ever fix the issues with it? I loved using that program; I even used it for Gamma World monsters a few times.

    • Reality Fracture does trigger at the start of each character’s turn. I deliberately left which conditions “turn off” Reality Fracture at the discretion of the GM.

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