2 comments on “Treasure Trove: This Week Is Offically Fired

  1. I tried to update my Magic blog every week, even if it was just, as you said, chum from some MTGO draft. Eventually I said screw it; I’d rather wait an extra week or even two to ensure quality work. i suppose it’s a little different when it comes to D&D blogs though, since there really is no way to evaluate how good or bad something from a campaign may be since each group is unique.

    Also, that Cloak is nuts. 😛

    • I’m just always mindful of what the artist behind “The Devil’s Panties” said, which was that the quickest way to kill a webcomic was to not stick to your schedule and that any sort of content counts because the readers understand that you aren’t doing it for the money.

      They had their choice of Asmodeus, Ioun and Kord. They selected Asmodeus’ Glib Tongue for RP reasons and because it’s a thematic fit for the Tiefling Paladin/Warlock Hybrid. That character tries to tank, but tends to get slapped around a little bit. Being able to shunt that damage should help.

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