6 comments on “Armed and Armored: Exploring the 4e Paladin

  1. The problem with the Paladin for me, is that its mark doesn’t make much sense. “Attack me, or my god will hurt you!” Well, why not just have your god hurt him? Why wait until after he attacks someone other than the paladin, and why encourage him to attack a living symbol of the faith of deity X? Because then we wouldn’t have a mark mechanic, duh. I generally consider fun and balance to be more important than realism, but I’ve always felt that this mechanic takes it too far.

  2. I enjoyed playing a paladin in 4E, it was my first character I played when I had the chance and wasn’t DMng. I avoided Paladins in previous edtions because of the code. I found it more interesting to build the character’s personality based on attributes/views embodied by the diety he served and looking to be a paragon of that specific deity rather than a rigid code fo conduct.

  3. This post was awesome. I’d love to see more like it. My wife plays casually, so she doesn’t like wading through dozens of powers and hundreds of feats to find the few that are actual good choices for her character.

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