5 comments on “Tales from the Table: Splatter!

  1. Very cool. For me, the simplest way to achieve a stand-alone solo is to have it meet these criteria: Can inflict the damage of a standard monster 5 times per round, can ignore control such that it still gets to inflict the vast majority of that damage, has good mobility to keep the encounter fluid/interesting/dynamic and prevent lockdown, and can apply both single-target and multi-PC pressure.

    A very simple way to do that is to give a solo reach and let it attack 3 creatures. Give it an aura that constitutes an attack spread over two likely targets. Give it a minor that creates zones or does non-provoking ranged attacks for 1-2 other attacks. When hit by excessive control, allow it to shed that control in a way that does stop it, but results in damage (for example, when stunned all it does is its skin forms a hard layer and then explodes, tearing away the conditions and doing damage on everyone in the room).

  2. At epic tier, is it more about challenge or fun? I’m guessing fun since encounters are designed to be beaten, but certainly your own designs can be hard to analyze at first glance, making ‘fun’ into deadly. Without thinking TOO hard on the subject, perhaps a rage cap could be put in, or a trigger when X rage is reached. Off the top of my head, the trigger could be related to the leaking madness ability you mentioned. When it triggers, it is a more powerful/different version of that sort of effect.
    This solves the issue of poor luck/bad planning that results in squashed defenders.

    • I think it has always been true that things are more swingy and unstable in high-level play. In 4e, this is especially so with solos. One of the main weaknesses of the AEDU system is that, when the PCs choose to power-dump, the numbers skyrocket. Lest you feel bad for the players, you should know that they were doing 150-200 damage per round and that NPCs bore the cost of their resurrections.

      I like the idea of a triggered rage dump. Maybe something where when rage hits (# in party+N), the monster loses (# in party rage) and each character gains an action point (and the ability to spend it). Then there’s some sort of Browbeat mechanic with regard to spending/not spending that action point.

  3. Beautifully done! I really liked the rage point system and gonna throw it at my characters.
    A plead please. Could you upload the .monster file of this one and all the ones that you create?
    I create tokens in Maptools and works best if there is a .monster file.
    Thank you in advance!
    Looking forward for more of your amazing monster ideas.

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