2 comments on ““I’m too epic for my pants… come see my la-ance!”

  1. if wizards actually gave any epic tier support over the last couple of years, it would have helped dms. instead they are just going to leave it half baked. with a few tweaks and tips, epic play is very fun and satisfying. all this poll is going to do is result in a lot of low level support for 5e, and nothing will change.

  2. Just found your blog. I will be following now. 🙂

    This struck me as dead on, in so many ways. I think the 5e design team is completely clueless AND catering to the “Old School” folks. One of my players and I are following the developments and posts, and we both think they are completely missing the boat. And we’ve both been playing for a long time. Most of my players have.

    Thanks for waving the banner!

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