4 comments on “Tales From the Table: When the Shadows Came

  1. Night’s Flame could be used as a deterrent to getting ganged up on. I don’t know how many monsters were in the encounter, but if there were several, and spread out a little, one could anticipate the beating coming and burn it on nothing to gain resist 25 and move away at half speed(though I don’t know the damage that epic tier characters put out, so maybe 25 just isn’t very much).
    The mechanic itself is interesting at least. It’s a hedging your bets sort of attack since you are bound to get something positive, either damage or resist 25. The slow…well if there are people with swords bearing down on you, slowed or not, I’d imagine they are going to catch you at this tier without some very favorable terrain.

    • I sometimes have trouble creating monsters because I have interesting mechanical ideas that are very difficult to explain from a story perspective (the miss-all on Night’s Flame) or I have interesting story ideas that require complex mechanics (the “hot potato” aspect of Ignition/Unwelcome Gift).

      • I for one enjoy not knowing everything about a monsters abilities. Sure, it’s like a ton of little gotchas as you learn things, but I can accept just ‘having shit happen’ without fully understanding it, at least in the hope that I will learn more about whatever is happening and adapt. It’s a sort of mental satisfaction when you finally figure things out, and it could add to the overall enjoyment of the game. So imo, Hot Potato away, and don’t worry about explaining, unless of course either your group just can’t live with that, or you must have a certain level of disclosure about what baddies do.

  2. I think it is worth pointing out that the terrain for this fight was fairly open. Unmasking never trapped a player. In a confined space (like a 2 x 10 hall) this power could take people out of the fight.

    It never occurred to anyone that if we had put the ongoing on the passivist cleric then there may have been a chance to prevent Unwelcome gift from triggering.

    Unwelcome gift was a very cool power with pleasantly player manageable mechanics. In the past we’ve had parasite style monsters try this same thing and just anger us. One of the cool parts of this was that the artillery player in the back row started taking their share of damage for the fight, which made the damage numbers more manageable for the tanks. There was an article some months back about how if the back line does not take damage the numbers can get out of hand for the tanks, making mathematically green encounters feel like oranges.

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