11 comments on “Every Power, All the Time

  1. I’d have to try out it out in play to see how the math would work out, but I like what I see. I think an issue might arise where the battle isn’t over, but resource starvation means no one could act.

    You could fix this by letting PCs take healing surges 1/round. I don’t think I’d call this a second wind, as that might cause some “interesting” things to happen with triggered abilities.

    Another way to do it would be to have an action that just recovers fatigue (similar to second wind). I’m not sure what kind of repercussions might happen there, either.

      • It happens. We took a look at it and believe that the throughput should be about the same. Basically, you get your first set of encounter powers “for free”, but then have to spend healing surges to gain the extra fatigue. The big differences are, of course, that there’s an opportunity cost to using encounter powers where there wasn’t one before and that you can use any power any number of times, as long as you can pay for it.

  2. Certainly an interesting idea and one that adds some depth in regard to managing your powers and fatigue. Do you use three 1 fatigue powers (encounter) or fire off the 3 pointer (daily). Do you burn a healing surge now for the extra fatigue or save it until your hurt more severely? Then again it is also another number to track 😦

  3. Awesome! I’ve been playing with a system just like this. I always hated having a list of standard maneuvers that you can’t do twice if you wanted or needed.

    I was playing with involving a class’ core skills in a system like this. Fighters and warlords use athletics, rogues and monks use acrobatics, divine characters use religion (I use a houserule where religion for divine PCs keys off Wis), primal characters use nature, arcane characters use arcana, etc. When a player wanted to do something really awesome, they’d roll a check; if they hit the hard DC for their level, they’d be able to climb their speed without penalty, add a dice to their weapon attack, replicate another encounter power, etc. In this system, it would be a way to supercharge their fatigue point. I’d build in safeguards to prevent abuse, like penalties for failing the check. I haven’t really thought it through because I don’t really have a game group willing to experiment with it, but your post got me thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hey Michael I had an idea, I would probably make it so that spending an action point gave you back 1d3 fatigue as well. What do you think?

    • Well, that’s essentially a tuning question (assuming you mean that spending an action point gave you all the normal benefits in addition to the fatigue gain).

      Saying no means that you think that the characters are doing “enough” between extended rests and that tacking on the extra fatigue would only make things more spiky.

      Saying yes means that you think that there’s some wriggle room in the fatigue totals and that giving the character the opportunity to make the most out of their action point is important. There’s a part of me that wants to say, “when you spend an action point for any reason, regain 3 fatigue.” That makes an action point a free daily, which is worth considering.

  5. Seems like it will just end up with players spamming certain encounters and dailies almost exclusively. And when that spammed power is a near broken one…

    • That’s kind of the point, though, in a roundabout way. If a power is unbalanced, it should be fixed. Having it be unbalanced only once per day or encounter is not proper balance.

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