8 comments on “With Friends Like These…

  1. i feel the same way as you do: irked, but not so that i won’t check out the new edition. As a pretty big consumer, I do feel it is a little early and don;t relish filling my bookshelves with new books. I also worry that they are taking a somewhat same marketing approach they did with 4th edition in disparaging the previous edition, that’s just not good for anyone.

    as a side note, I do kind of love that Salvatore is such a juggernaut that he can say whatever comes to mind.

    • To be honest, the 4e bashing has been going on for a while now. I came very close to closing down this blog the week that everyone jumped on the “epic tier sucks!” bandwagon because I was completely disgusted with the negativity. I hate it when people complain, but don’t offer up any suggestions of their own or, if they do, those suggestions are essentially hand-waving.

      As to Salvatore, he’s #2 on my list of least favorite fantasy authors, #1 being Weis/Hickman. I’m a huge fantasy geek, but his work just puts me off (which is about as kindly as I can put that).

  2. I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for spelling that out. 4e is a great system. It has some gaping flaws like too many mechanics, too clunky at high levels, etc., but the fact that its even playable at high levels puts it way ahead of any edition beforehand. I’m hoping, like Dave the Game said over in his blog, that this is a “greatest hits” edition of D&D and not some new thing.

    My two wishes, as I talked about a bit on my wordpress blog Ex Cathedra, is for a system that’s flexible enough to allow easy access to beginner and also pleases the hardcore players (can be accomplished with a basic rule set with modular ways to add and subtract complexity), and is playable at high levels. They do that, I’ll be quite a happy camper.

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