3 comments on “Submitted for your Consideration: Echoes of the Mistress

  1. Neat items. They would primarily be quest items at my table that the PCs would carry to be destroyed but would probably never use some of them unless I built a necessity for it into the adventure. Specifically the Ring and the Casque would see very little use in my party, the benefits just don’t outweigh the disadvantages.

    • The Parsimonius Hand hasn’t been found by my group yet.

      The Ring saw a lot of use, mostly because they thought it was funny.

      The Casque didn’t even get put on because they were afraid that it would eat someone’s mind.

      They almost came to blows over the Spike because the hybrid Paladin/Warlock thought it was amazing and everyone else thought it was too dangerous to use.

      The Heart was worn for the better part of a level and it really affected play. A couple of times the Fighter got railed and the healers wanted to drop a big heal on them, but realized that it would also benefit the enemy. They changed their style to basically topping off the Fighter all the time.

      I’ve gotten a lot of roleplaying mileage out of all of them.

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