2 comments on “Tales from the Table: Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Game

  1. In my Gamma World game, I’ve forgone experience altogether. No pressure to have combat/skill encounters and the characters level when I say so. Namely, every other session. This is even more freeing than simply not handing it out, but still keeping track of it yourself.

  2. We stopped handing out XP at my table a long time ago, back in 3.0 I believe, it’s a little more book keeping for the DM, but not much. When I was DM it gave me a really good idea of my parties speed of level progression and helped me build a tempo to my sessions. I could prevent mid-session leveling for instance either by scaling my encounters and challenges or by just not telling the players they leveled until the end of the night.
    I’ve always seen the reason behind inherent bonuses, but my players would probably rebel if I did it. Treasure specifically decking out their characters in cool magical items is such an integral part of the game for them. I’d have a hard time getting them to go on adventures if half the time they weren’t anticipating a kick ass treasure haul, regardless of what the PCs’ motivations might be, the Metagame knowledge would bog them down.
    There is a “take back” within reason at the table. It depends on how far along the game has progressed. Generally we don’t back step after someone’s turn has ended even if character death is imminent unless they can make a compelling argument that they would have acted differently given new information. Usually that only comes up if I’ve messed up and forgotten to give them a particular detail. Otherwise, once dice are rolled on an action they can’t really take it back, or once they end their turn they can’t really amend anything.

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