5 comments on “The Green Lady: Exploring the Hamadryad

  1. BoEF had a huge backlash, so I’m not suprirsed they’re keeping it conservative in the dicussions of reproductive biology. However, the book does mentions hamadryads as nymphs that become hamadryads. Nymphs already have their lore about where new nymphs come from (take a guess). They also very state that satyrs come from the pairing of a nymph and a satyr, making it very clear that nymphs can become pregnant and bear children.

    I see what you’re saying about the hamadryad going out to find ‘completeness’ although I’d point out that nothing in the book says “mortal love” strictly equals “love with a man”. But yes, the majority will assume the usual if only because WotC isn’t going to spell it out to avoid angering/annoying certain parts of their already narrow customer base.

    • I must have missed that part (where they explain where new Hamadryads come from). I was more upset, really, at the inherent sexism implicit in the attribute choices. There’s absolutely no justification for denying the female-only race access to physical attributes.

    • In regards to the “completeness” concept, it’s just another piece of subconscious sexism. None of the races built around masculine themes is described as looking for something to complete them, nor does the Satyr itself. In fact, Satyrs are described as being highly adventurous, albeit cautiously so (strange, given that Wisdom is not a racial attribute). I was willing to set aside my dislike of how the female race trades on beauty, as that’s part of the lore, but the inclusion of the “completeness” crap makes me angry.

  2. I came across this blog by chance, and it discusses topics I’ve never heard anyone deign to apply to tabletop RPGs. About time, methinks. I’ve never played 4e, but consider myself intrigued.

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