3 comments on “If I had my druthers

  1. Nice post, I definitely like the feel of the essentials line. Like you said, it gets the job done but leaves room for more; which is great in a game where some people have loads of time and creativity to invest, some have limited time but lots of money, and many lie between. I also liked the little race feature books they put out for tiefling and dragonborn, something like that really lets you tailor any campaign rather than a monumental campaign guide that you want to use every single day because of how much you paid…

  2. Total agreement about the ‘spaghetti sauces’ comment (I’d watched that TED talk just a few weeks ago).

    I’ve been thinking this myself lately, especially with all of the factional fighting between the fans of the different D&D editions. It’s like people fighting about what type of soft drink (or spaghetti sauce) they prefer!

    Mike Mearls’ newest Legends & Lore article discusses the concept of a version of D&D with scalable complexity, but it seems that increased complexity is (so far) synonymous with power creep.

    Every feat, every background, every kit, every power, every trait incrementally increases the power of the character. So how do you make a game where simple characters (without any of these aspects) are as powerful as complex characters (which use the full spectrum of customization options)?

    • Simple answer? You don’t.
      You choose the amount of complexity that works for your table and you run with it. I happen to like where 4e is right now, because it’s somewhere between HERO System and OD&D in terms of complexity and player options.

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