7 comments on “Fox Force Five: Dragonborn 5-Man for Lair Assault

  1. Heskar is definitely intriguing; you’ve made a lot of choices similar to my own Lair Assault characters there, but you’ve shown me a few interesting ideas I may yet try out. Nanyez, on the other hand… I don’t really understand the choice to take a Flaming Greatsword. As far as I can tell, virtually everything is either resistant or immune to fire. I understand that the Gloves of Piercing help against the merely resistant, but they do nothing against the immune enemies. I haven’t gotten to the rest of the characters yet, so I’ll keep reading to see what else you have in store.

    • Like every other weapon that has a damage type, you can just turn it off when it isn’t beneficial. A fire weapon is never a bad idea because it’s a natural counter to many of the monsters that have regeneration. At worst, the weapon just fails to be awesome. At best, it cripples an encounter.

      • I should also mention that I hadn’t seen the Lair Assault when I created these characters. They’re designed to counter as many encounters as possible.

      • Fair enough. I always assumed it was going to be a fire-based dungeon from the name, although I also (wrongly) assumed radiant damage would be involved as well. Other than that Flaming Greatsword, the Cleric/Fighter build does bring a lot of useful things to the table… I will be going over it again before making my next Lair Assault character.

        One thing you can definitely use in this party to round out the 6th position would be a Ranger. A character that can attack for range is useful enough, but Bridge of Roots is the icing on the cake. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must-have power for this dungeon.

  2. Sora seems like a decent build; as you said, there’s no real tricks there, but the point of a Warlord is to keep the high-damage Defenders & Strikers swinging and shooting off-turn. Ashusta is so-so; in particular, I think you can do better than Outlaw as a theme. The Surprise Strike is a nice trick, but the rest of the theme’s bonuses are basically worthless in this dungeon. Also, she is missing her 2 consumables – you may want to grab a Talent Shard for upping your Stealth, since hiding in this dungeon is likely extremely difficult. (We haven’t tried it, but since the whole area is lit up like a bonfire, it seemed like a waste of an action to try.)

    And finally, Uono… Uono is going to require a post of his own.

  3. Uono’s name sounds like “Ew, oh no,” and that’s essentially how I feel about the build. The AOE/controller powers are good, and Wizard’s Apprentice is a good theme choice (Noble is very similar, by the way – check it out for your other characters). Other than that, though, Uono is a severely flawed build for this Lair Assault.

    First, trying to make a Sorceror into a melee fighter is likely to be disastrous. You should put that 18 Strength into Dexterity to up your Reflex (or at least Constitution if you’re particularly concerned with Fortitude). Also – and you will quickly see this if you play the build once or twice – spending a feat to up your Will while leaving your Reflex so low is not a good choice.

    Second, the choice of Dragon Soul Poison instead of Fire makes little sense to me. Just going off the promotional material, it’s clearly a fire-based dungeon, and in three runs, I’ve yet to come across a poison-dealing creature. So that’s a thing.

    Third, while your power choices are mostly good, Burning Spray and Flame Spiral are likely to be less-than-useful given the flame-resistant nature of the dungeon’s denizens. Also – and you have to trust me on this one – lose Spatial Trip. I don’t want to be a complete spoiler, but that power is bad news.

    Finally, your choice of magic items is puzzling. As mentioned before, the dungeon is lit up like a bonfire, and even if it weren’t, a simple torch would be much cheaper than a Sun Globe. And I can’t see a single good reason to buy Hedge Wizard’s Gloves. Even if you don’t already have Mage Hand and Prestidigitation as a Sorceror anyway (and I think you do), there’s no compelling reason to spend gold acquiring them. Using the money towards skill-boosting items would be more useful.

    Sorry to be so critical of this character, but it contained so many flaws that I felt it bore a full critique. The rest of your party is so solid (or at least useful), I’d hate to see one person get screwed by playing this one.

    • Let me begin by saying that these characters were generated without ANY knowledge of the specifics of the Lair Assault. They’re designed to be generically good, not tuned for this LA. Now that I know it’s filled with fire, obviously I would tweak some of my choices. You’re always more than welcome to adapt them to your purposes. Also, don’t be afraid to be critical. I welcome healthy discussion.

      That said, I think you misunderstand this character design. It has a high STR because Draconic Power (+4 to all damage) is this build’s damage boost. This character is not intended to be in melee, but I gave it the tools to not be hamstrung if it finds itself there (Staff Expertise, especially). Honestly, this character should just Acid Orb every round unless a special need arises. Also, I upped the Will because Dominate, Stun and Daze are killers.

      Dragon Soul: Poison is something you can easily change. I picked it because it seemed like a likely damage type.

      I wasn’t going to respond to your third paragraph because I thought the repetition of “these characters were built with zero advance knowledge of this specific LA” would start to sound like I was upset at your critique, when exactly the opposite is true – I love responses like this. I have to address the issue of Spatial Trip, though. If there’s a gotcha regarding teleportation, I’m just going to have to suck it up. This is fourthcore, after all. It’s intended to be an emergency “get out of jail.” I’m expecting that it might not always work.

      Sorcerers don’t get cantrips. Hedge Wizard’s Gloves gives the party access to two old-school tricks. Image the first scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark if Indy is allowed to grab the idol from 25 feet away. Sun Globe serves the same purpose as a torch (or even an everburning torch), but it cannot be doused with water. You could, for example, Mage Hand the Sun Globe into a pool of water…

      Now, to be fair, because I took the theme that gave me an additional magic item of a level where you can’t get much in the way of enchantment beyond just the enhancement bonus, I went “shopping for golf clubs.” That’s a phrase we use for powers, abilities, magic items and the like that you take because every once in a while they are flat out awesome. Will you get more routine use out of a flat skill improver? Absolutely, and if that’s what you want for your money, I wholeheartedly approve. It’s simply a different perspective.

      Whew, that was longer than I intended. Thank you for the response.

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