3 comments on “Fresh Meat: MtG Creativity Challenge

  1. I feel like some of these missed the mark. For example: On the MTG side, the Gorger Worm allows you to trade a bunch of your runts for more awesome, but only once. When the runts/resources are gone, they are gone. It seems to me then that on the D&D side the Gorger worm should be consuming his friends (minions?) for awesome. Obviously the awesome can’t be a +X to hit bonus, or can it. What if we let the Gorger worm build up counters for the number of minions consumes, then let him spend all or nothing for a +X to hit and +X defenses for a round?

    • The problem with that was twofold. First, I had already done something like that with Tarox. Second, killing a minion to gain a damage boost feels clunky. Either there’s a (near) infinite supply of minions and the monster is balanced around this (along with being kind of boring mechanically) or the number of targets for the power is sharply limited, in which case it will stop working in rather short order and the monster is reduced to a rather bland brute.

      Put another way, a power that runs off a non-renewable resource should feel like a daily.

      • But that is what the magic card does. It expends a limited resource (allies) and turns it into awesome attack AND defense when the creature is played. Wasn’t your goal to translate the card? I agree my version is not the most interesting monster, but it does keep to the spirit of the card. I also think it would be simple and fun for the GM because it gives options for burst or constant awesome. That’s the kind of on the fly decision making that makes the creature adaptable for different parties.

        Otherwise, all you’ve done is played off the definition of the name, and an odd detail in the art? The intended mechanics are lost.

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