One comment on “Like a Spike Through My Eye

  1. Maybe it’s just the table I play at, and the one I grew up running, but we’ve always had a tremendous amount of house rules. However, we’re very aware that we’re house ruling something and that other tables don’t do it our way. In 3.0/3.5 we had some combat rules and what not, but most of our rules were outlawing or enforcing our own errata on feats, spells, and magic items. Especially with that system we had a strong theory that WotC just wasn’t play testing their own materials (let alone 3rd party SRD publishers), because we found a number of feats, spells, and items that just broke our games. Generally anything that we would look at and say “I would be stupid to not take that [feature] under any circumstances”. We loved the system but a feat like Heroic Surge, which appeared in a number of publications, were just broken in our opinion because there was no reason for anyone to not take it ever. We’ve had to do a lot less of that with 4e, there are just a few magical items that we don’t use, or at least aren’t allowed to craft ourselves. Generally we’ve felt the system and each new installment is balanced and well play tested. Most of our houserules revolve around features that come from Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine, generally anything from those sources have to be houseruled in to use. This could just be because our table has several “power gamers” that sit at it.

    We’re a big fan of the idea that our DM’s primary job isn’t to “win the game” it’s to make sure his players are having fun, while still working within the system. In fact we had a DM who was inflexible, arrogant, and stuck on his railroad tracks who has since been “fired” by the table and moved back to the player side of the screen.

    All that said, when I’ve gone to a Con and sat down for an RPGA style game or I’ve sat down to play with another table in any capacity, I usually have to remind myself of what is official in the system and what is houseruled. So there’s always inconsistency between tables, but I think as it stands now, most players are aware of what is unique to their table and what should be the norm in the general player community.

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