One comment on “In Defense of Apostasy

  1. I was about as resistant to 4e as I was to the initial release of 3.0, I had just started to understand fraking THAC0 and now they were taking it away! That said, our table has transitioned to 4e and with small exceptions never looked back. My biggest gripe about the change to 4e was that many in our party have an affinity for Bowman characters, however, we’re of the opinion that not every Bowman character thematically fits as a Ranger. This has been addressed somewhat with the expansions since launch date and has become less of a gripe. But it follows along the same lines as many people had that there are less options. I think this isn’t and isn’t true as the edition has grown considerably. However, there are still little orphans out there like the Runepriest who is alone and neglected for class feats, power expansions, and build options.

    What our table wants most if for Wizards to stop worrying about piracy and theft as much and start embracing the technological age we live in. Remember the Core Rules CD for AD&D? Nothing like that has ever truly existed for 3.0, 3.5 or 4e at least not with the same quality. Granted that product came out in the extreme elderly years of AD&D, and 3rd parties tried to make something similar for 3.0/3.5 but never pulled it off with the same quality that TSR did. Now technology is even more important to the hobby, cause lets face it, we’re gamers and most of us are technophiles as well. We loves our gadgets! Why isn’t there a WotC produced iPad and Android app? With playable character sheets, access to the compendium and character builder? In fact by using Silverlight for most of the best DDI features they basically stuck up their middle finger at both operating systems. A tablet is the perfect technological device for game play, way better then a laptop at the table. Once again, other people have tried to make 3rd party apps to work with this system, but none of them are half as good as what WotC could pull off if they tried something official. I would pay more for my DDI subscription, and would probably pay for a quality app for my Xoom or even my phone, and I have friends that would do the same for their iPad/iPhone. As it is my DDI subscription has basically eliminated my need to buy books, in fact our table only buys 1 copy of each new supplement now because DDI makes it so easy to access that information without direct purchase. Where as for 3.5 we bought 2 or 3 of most supplements so that more then one person could look stuff up at the same time. And power cards? Really? Who buys the pre printed ones? Especially when with a DDI subscription you get cards that have your character’s stats figured out for the power?

    I love 4e. I really do. But I think I can get behind the sentiment that Wizards or their corporate overlords are a little lost with how to make the new edition profitable and still service their community. And I want Wizards to make money! I want them to be successful for their corporate overlords for the continuation and health of the hobby. I just think there are better ways for them to do it then they have been.

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