2 comments on “Fiction: Adventurer’s Journal

  1. More of your unique personality quirks came through in this one. Notably your binary nature toward judgments, your bold flavor of stating your opinions, and your reasonable nature when it comes to group decisions. The main character very squarely sounded like you this time. I might have liked a little more build up before the main character made the first physical attack on the raft. It could have been a much longer conversation.

    I love the connection to the encounter. Some of the logic in the fight was a bit excessive, but it fit. The description and flavor of the drakes came out very well.

    It’s not a bad thing that your personality came out in the main character, but I think it is worth awareness. I always felt that when I write fiction I’m tearing a shred out of my own personality to create each character. Coming from the same source, it then becomes a real challenge to make each one unique. To ease this, it sometimes it helps to template a friend for a character. Then you can ask yourself “what would they do?”

    I think I read once that Steven Kings solves this problem by actually writing himself in as a side character. I should go find that…

    • I agree with you that the conversation between Perard and Eref that gets everything started could have been longer, but my desire was to make Perard seem mildly unreasonable and to highlight the tension the characters were feeling. That fight and its continuation after the drakes have been defeated is caused by stress and who Perard is. He’s supposed to be somewhat emotionally distant (note his surprise that Eref considers him a brother and how easily he dismisses this revelation), tending to see the world from the perspective of a drill sergeant (he sees his companions in terms of how they fight, not what they think or feel).

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