2 comments on “The Desperate Politics of the Extended Rest

  1. I have to admit, this concept that combat drives the game is what shook me out of RPGs. The focus on combat abilities turns the story into basically a cluster of wargaming tactical scenarios…
    The best sessions I’ve been in (and run) have all been combat-free events… many of them developed because the players were out of their resources and didn’t have the time to “extended rest”

    Yes, the group may have been running low on heals, that just means they needed to think of an alternate way to approach the problem that didn’t degrade to “kick the door, kill the monster, loot the room”…

    granted, I understand, there is a notable percentage of RPG players out there who are basically looking for a co-op game of Mordheim with a little plot to keep it moving. And I can’t fault them for the catharsis of bludgeoning everything that comes across their path…

    but when “do i give them a chance to rest… in a war zone…” becomes a debate, that’s when the game just starts to feel like we’re playing a Final Fantasy game and looking for a save point..

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