6 comments on “Son of Magitek

  1. Didn’t the girl genius comic do a bit about this…

    like how magic would affect scientific research and laws…

    “Heat cannot transfer from a colder body to a warmer one… unless you’re a fourth level wizard or higher…”

    the real question here is, with a significantly advanced enough magical society, would scientific discovery even be needed?
    if everyone can dispel diseases, is the need to study biology even there?
    if you truely can detect evil, wouldn’t there be eugenics programs developed to irradicate the problem?
    if magic missile hits only the designated target, can it be used on an unborn fetus that has detected as “evil”?

  2. Every system is fallible. Justice systems particularly so. Assuming there were a spell or device that could determine the truth of a person or situation without question, how well do you trust the person or government wielding the device? How much time goes by before that person goes ‘the device says Ralph is guilty’ and Ralph is then incarcerated or killed or whatever on the spot without any real investigation?

  3. In the Vlad Taltos series of novels by Steven Brust, magic has an effect on society like you are discussing.
    Murdering someone comes with a fine sufficient to resurrect the victim and a public reprimand.
    Killing someone in an unresurrectable fashion comes with much stiffer penalties.
    Umbrellas are virtually unheard of.
    Teleportation has effectively stifled investigation into many forms of transportation we are familiar with.

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