5 comments on “How Hard?

  1. The encounter was not bad. I think we put too many party members into the auras because we perceived that there was no gain in killing minions. We also ignored the runes which feels like more wasted cool. I was personally frustrated because there always seemed to be something to block my cool, including Dice and a well built warrior. For sixteen I might look at a little more mobility for my character. I don’t feel we were scared by the Lich. We were tactically worried (lamenting lost cool?) but at no point did we hit the panic ‘oh shit’ moment.

    It’s worth noting that this is the first fight in 10 or more levels where we considered running. It was pitched calmly as a “we have spent too much cool and it’s not yet bloodied”. The party surveyed the remaining cool and made a majority decision that there was enough cool to justify a few more rounds before a run.

  2. Getting rid of the Second Wind was probably a good choice.
    I am curious what was going on aside from the lich? Were there any unique terrain, traps, devices, etc?
    A plain knock out drag out fight after a series of ‘cool’ encounters can be jarring if the players have come to expect ‘cool’ moments from you.

    • There were four Blaspheme Imperfects straight from Compendium that attacked the players immediately upon entering the inner crypt. The boss and his minions didn’t get there until a couple of rounds later.

      The terrain was two of the 8×8 tiles and two 4×8 with a smattering of terrain. A 3×8 spur tile led deeper into the crypt with a 8×8 throne area at the back.

      The party did choose to ignore the “arcane amplifiers” off in the corner. They were giving the non-boss monsters a +1 to hit. Had they managed to disable them, the non-boss monsters would have had -4 to hit.

      The players dismissed messing with the amplifiers pretty much from the beginning.

      • It already sounds like a fun table to play at. Here are some thoughts.
        It’s a pity they ignored the “arcane amplifiers”. Things like that have a lot of potential.
        This adventure: http://www.readyanaction.com/?p=353#comments plays really well with auras and area interactivity.
        I think the interpose power is fine given that you have a limited number of minions on hand. Its ability to summon 4 minions at once (but ostensibly 4-6 minions max?) seems to act like bone armor from Diablo II because it is essentially refreshing his ability to negate a hit every round.
        If the lich has a more limited ability to summon (say 1-2 as a minor action), but has no maximum number of minions then it encourages the party to control his pool of minions and the player doing this is in essence exposing the lich’s flank.

      • I wouldn’t say we so much ignored the amplifiers as determined that it wasn’t reasonable to expect someone to try and haul their cookies to that side of the room past the line of baddies that we met in the middle. That first round set up a pretty clear line on the battle field (I’m kicking myself now for not taking a picture) that made getting over their more difficult than we felt was tactically worth it, especially having no idea what they would do. It also left a pretty high chance that the person who went over there would get isolated from the rest of the group, which this specific dungeon had been notorious for punishing people for.

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