6 comments on “Exploring the Battlemind

  1. On hybridization, hybridding with a Strength-based Paladin ought to work well surely? Sure you don’t get blurred step, but your high strength will make your opportunity attack more potent thus acting as a disincentive for enemies to move away from you. Paladin works especially well since you don’t lose any proficiencies, get extra marking ability and some actual encounter powers (allowing you to avoid the classic low-damage problem which battleminds often face).

    • I’m sure that there’s a build that doesn’t entirely suck, but at the same time I wouldn’t expect it to retain much of the flavor of the Battlemind when your real excitement and functionality comes from the Paladin half. The big issue with the lack of a hybrid talent option that allows them to keep both the mark and Blurred Step is that it washes away the unique feel of the class. Honestly, “I hit you will sexy opportunity attacks” sounds like a Fighter to me. There’s also the issue of other hybrids and pures doing the same thing as the hybrid Battlemind/paladin, only far more easily.

  2. Umm, I think you’re a little confused on something. The Battlemind gets Mind Spike AND Blurred Step AND Battlemind’s Demand as a default setting (and there’s nothing you can replace them with yet.)
    The only this-or-that choice you can make is 1 of the 4 “at the start of the battle, you can do X” effects (Speed of Thought, Wild Focus, etc.) Those are all encounter powers as well.

    • He’s…. talking about hybridization, man.
      In which case, you only get one feature for each of the two classes.

  3. battlemind paragon path “iron guardian” is damn near invincible. has an at-will utility that is a personal effect. effect is, until the end of next turn, whenever you take damage, roll a d20. above ten, you take no damage. below ten, damage is halved. if you use this in a mix by staggering it and only attack every other turn, you seek to use up all power points, and then use nova strike, which gets a bonus of plus 2[W] when youre out of power points, bringing it up to a whopping 9[W] plus one of your stat mods if im not mistaken
    TL;DR iron guardian is invincible, you use this a combo setup

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